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Skunk on lap, Saturday morning cartoons, muse absent.

Hobkin is crashed out on my lap. We actually turned on the A/C last night, taking pity on the poor fuzzy beastie. He's wearing a thick, fur coat after all. He kept flopping on the hardwood floor, looking quite pitiful in the heat. Freaky week, temperature-wise. The heater went off on Monday from the cold, and we switched on the A/C on Friday.

Saturday morning cartoons on. Teen Titans and now Xiaolin Showdown. Eastern culture really has infiltrated American entertainment.

Watched Intolerable Cruelty, the 2003 Coen brothers production with George Clooney and Catherine Zeta-Jones. And I sez, where's the quirk? Have the Coens gone totally mainstream? Okay, romantic comedies aren't a great canvas for quirkiness, and there were some clever moments, but where was the twist, the trademark bizarre humor, the screwball antics? Humph. Predictable predictable predictable. Although both main actors were, of course, stunningly beautiful.

Plan to see Van Helsing sometime this weekend, either today or tomorrow. Don't have high expectations, but looking forward to wallowing in a couple hours of pretty people and pretty special effects. Escapism, rah.

Writing stuff:

Received word from the editor of Here & Now that issue 5 with my story "When the Lights Go out" is slated for the end of August.

Six crits so far of my current offering at Critters. Tally: one critter liked my tense switch experiment and one thought I was doing it on accident and pointed them out as errors. Sigh.

I'm having a rough time getting words on the page. Depressing and irksome.

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