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Pulmonary news

Got a call from my Pulmonary doctor. My CAT scan looked clear except for a bit of gland swelling that could be attributable to anything. And my PFT was fine too. The doctor has ordered a diaphragm capacity test, but he's speculating, since we're running out of physical causes, that my breathing issues might be due to stress. Hmmm. I guess that's a good thing. Kind of. Except I don't feel all that stressed and I'm not sure what to do about it if it is stress.

Writing stuff:

My Tangent reviews of the Sci-Fiction stories "Flight Risk" and "Elvis in the Attic" are up.

Did another couple hundred words on the SF piece. Limping along with this one. Where's the momentum, I sez? Think I might switch back to doing a folk/fairy tale. Need the speedy gratification. Researching Chinese creation myths and trying to figure out a good way to tell it to a young audience.

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