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Anniversary recap

Watched Adaptation yesterday, which was very odd. Made by the same folks who did Being John Malkovich, it's narcissistic and self-deprecating at the same time. It started slow and disjointed and then turns into a darkly comedic thriller. Weird. But I liked it.

Also made vegan seitan stew. Making seitan was a novel experience. The raw dough, when rising, looked like brains with all the ridges and bumps in a half-sphere. And since the seitan/Satan pronunciation slurring is inevitable, Matthew and I joked that we were having "Satan Brain Stew." Well, we thought it was funny.

The recipe we used for seitan made a lot more than we needed for the stew, so Matthew's going to put some in a stir-fry this week, and we froze the rest of it. It's full of protein goodness, and I considered seeing if Hobkin would like some, but it's also pretty high in sodium. Thinking about making a little bit of seitan without the flavoring next time (which would then make it gluten) and offering that to the little fuzzhead.

Writing stuff:

1600 words on a science fiction piece. Rah!

Also received the copies of Ascendancy of Blood from Scrybe Press to sign.

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