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Sleeping, yoga, Dozois stepping down

Been trying to regulate my sleep cycle of late. I'm tired of feeling like I'm napping away my life in the evenings, so I've been forcing myself to stay up until a respectable bedtime. So far, the result has been me groggy and sluggish in the morning. Not an improvement.

Did another bout of yoga yesterday. Much better. Interesting that I'm getting tone and flexibility back so quickly. Not that I'm anywhere near in shape after only two sessions or anything miraculous like that. But it took me a lot more work to break into a sweat. I was much closer to what I would consider marginally acceptable on the flexibility scale, and I could hold asanas for longer, actually started experiencing the openness that settling properly into an asana gives one, rather than the "ugh, ow, owitch" strain from Saturday. Now to keep it up . . .

Writing stuff:

Apparently, Gardner Dozois is stepping down from editor at Asimov's. Gleep. Truly the close of an era.

Wrote a review of the new Sci-Fiction story, "Flight Risk" by Marc Laidlaw, and sent it to my editor at Tangent. I find it extremely relaxing, writing non-fic. I've mentioned it before, but I find it so much easier to write something opinion-oriented or factual than a work of fiction. I never had writers block when I was working on that psych. textbook in graduate school. 'Course I don't get that thrill of achievement and creation either. Tradeoffs.

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