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Yoga owie

Realized I was terribly out of shape so decided to unroll the ole yoga mat and do some asanas. Owitch. How is it right that doing what amounts to stretches can make me so sore? Ow, ooo, ouch.

Writing stuff:

My muse was elusive this weekend so instead of forcing her to perform, and making myself sick in the process, I thought I'd try luring her with something other than caffeine. Cracked open the Neil Gaiman and some of my favorite children's lit books like King of the Wind and The Cat Who Went to Heaven to re-read. No sign of my muse yet, but I'm enjoying my re-immersion into fiction I've loved.

Received a rejection from Flesh & Blood. They liked the writing, but it was too science fiction for them. I thought that might be the case, but since I'd classify what I sent them as science fantasy, and dark science fantasy at that, thought I'd give them a try.

Haven't heard back from my editor at Tangent about the review I did for Sci-Fiction last week. That's not like him. Usually he responds within a day or so. I'm worried that my emails aren't making it to him. They're not bouncing, but it's not like him to be so non-communicative either. Hmm.

Also checked the RoF slush page. Carina's picked up the next batch, and the last postmark date is 4/9. *&$@*%#! I missed this batch with a submission sent on 4/13. Sigh. Guess I'll just have to wait for the next round. Damn.

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