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Fantasm pix

Didn't gnaw my arm off at my CAT scan, but someone, one of the receptionists I think, had her lunch with her, from which wafted the mouth-watering aroma of French fries. I think bringing French fries into a waiting room filled with people who have been instructed not to eat for several hours, at lunchtime, should qualify as a flogging offense.

Spent some time yesterday surfing various Fantasm review sites looking for a picture of me in my bunny outfit on Saturday. Have yet to find any, but I did find some mahvelous pix, from this year and last, taken by James Garner and Rev. Bob (Feel the Hate).

My sleeve-fwoofy outfit I wore on Thursday. Matthew gave me the top for my birthday. It's actually not a dress; it's just a longish tunic blouse. But put a corset on a tunic and voila, it's a dress.

Here's me at the Ms. Fantasm pageant directing the soon-to-be 2nd Runner-up to the stage.

2003. Was Zwi not at Fantasm this year? I looked for her, but didn't see her, to my dismay and sadness. Actually, there were a bunch of folks I consider "Fantasm regulars" who I didn't bump into this year. Did the hotel scare them away?

Writing stuff:

Stupid muse. *kick*

Plan for the weekend: jugs of coffee, a blank computer screen, and willpower. (Not quite the same thing as "a loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou beneath the bough.")

On a bright and shiny note, Scrybe Press has Ascendancy of Blood for sale on its website now. The editor says it'll hit the other major outlets like Amazon, Shocklines, and Fictionwise soon. Buyitbuyitbuyit! It's only $3.49 with free shipping!

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