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SALE to Cricket/Spider . . . and some rejections

I sold "The Tax Collector's Cow" to either Spider or Cricket, "depending upon which magazine can place the story first"! Spider is another magazine from the Carus stable. And yup, that means another sale at a quarter a word. Woohoo!!

In less good news:

I got a pair of rejections from On Spec's guest editor. If I didn't know he was only a guest editor, I'd be disinclined to submit to them in the future. The comment "I'm sorry, but this is just 'writing'" bugged me. I'm not quite sure what he was expecting, finger painting? Oh, well.

Also got a nice rejection from Amazing Stories asking to see more. And a "nice writing here but failed to grab" from F&SF.

And I had to write my editor at Tangent again asking him to find another writer for my current review assignment. It's matociquala's "This Tragic Glass" up currently at Sorry, eBear, but I'm afraid I'd be biased writing a review of your work since we've exchanged friendly banter on LJ and at the Rumor Mill . . .

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