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Imuran is not fun, Hobkin is petulant, not writing

And the Imuran side-effects have begun: hot and cold flashes, a decided feeling of queasiness, and lightheadedness. Medicine should not make one feel worse than the disease it's supposed to treat. Yuck.

I keep an oversized cardigan sweater at work for the ubiquitous temperature fluctuations that plague all places of business. I think I took off and put back on the damn thing every twenty minutes today. Rolled up my sleeves, rolled them down, tied back my hair, let it back down again. Repeat ad nauseaum. Just could not get to a comfortable temperature.

And I'm still having pronounced breathing issues.

In short, I feel like crap. I'm also in a pretty foul mood, exacerbated or brought about by my various and sundry health issues.

I think Hobkin's picking up on my mood and it's affecting him. He's been downright surly these last couple days, either sulking under his hutch and not wanting to cuddle, or stomping and running amok like a furry cannonball through the house. I do worry about him when he does that. He keeps careening off pieces of furniture and yesterday he ran full tilt into my foot. I know skunks are near-sighted, but I worry that his eyes are getting worse. Then again, I don't know how much of a problem that is since we had several ferrets who were blind and it didn't particularly impact their behavior. Still, bashing his silly little head into things can't be good for him. It can't be beneficial for the wee brains he's got to be rattled about like that.

Writing stats:

*snort* I think I totally blew my wad on the novella. Can't get new words out to save my life. Going to try to use this productivity lull to catch up on rewrites.

But good news! Got an email from Carina, the first reader of Realms of Fantasy and my story is being sent on to Shawna for consideration! Woohoo!

My novella chapters are now in the waiting queue at critters, but every time I try to apply my MPC to it, I get a "that manuscript isn't in the queue" error message. Dammit. I've fired off a note to Andrew, the critter herder. Hope that gets resolved soon.

Also been lurking at the Here & Now blog. The editor/publisher says she's getting ready to get back on track and issue 4 will be going out shortly. Coolness.

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