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Went to the pulmonary doctor yesterday. They took another chest x-ray, scheduled a full oxygen capacity test thingy, and gave me a referral to schedule a CAT scan. They have a little device to measure oxygen in the blood that bounces light waves off your finger, restrained in a clip thingy. Being able to detect a pulse is rather essential in this device functioning properly. Having MCTD, the capillaries in my fingers are prone to spasming shut when it's cold, and the doctor's office was a bit on the chilly side. The doctor had a hard time getting any input, and for a while there, I was registering a total 0. Yep, I was dead. Made me think of far too many zombie movies.

So I'm waiting for all the tests to happen and then the test results to come in before they can diagnose why I'm having problems breathing.

While I was there, I filled my prescription for Imuran. Decided I should probably be taking it. Took my first one yesterday. Scary.

Writing stats:

ARGH. My muse is a flighty strumpet!! Did maybe 750 new words. This new story doesn't seem to be going anywhere, but part of that is I'm nor sure what audience I want to be writing for with this. I think the plot I've envisioned is too mature for middle-grade children. Wondering about trying for a YA audience instead, but suddenly I'm out of novella range with that and back into the dreaded novel size. Still intimidated by that.

Still no BFoD from Carina on a submission read 3/15. Dare I hope that she's holding it with intent to send on to Shawna? Ooo.

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