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Post-novella depression

I think I'm experiencing a sort of post-novella depression. Yikes, I can't imagine how bad it'd be after a full-length novel. But I feel kind of sad that I'm not pumping out new words on it anymore. I miss the outpouring of creativity. I miss the characters I created. I achieved a more in-depth understanding of their personalities, their motivations than I have with characters in my short stories.

Want to start on another major project, see if I can’t keep the "longer work" momentum up. Riffled through my research notes yesterday, and nothing sparked my muse. Think I'll spend some time this weekend researching various mythologies to see if any of them can kick-start my flagging inspiration.

Up to twenty-four critiques of the current offering on Critters. I've noticed something. Female readers tend to like it significantly more than males. There's a few curve breakers, but it's turning out to be a pretty consistent trend. I think I might want to try hitting the female editors first with this one.

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