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Hobkin is a Teddy Skunk, More Writing

Hobkin, these last couple mornings, has woken up just as I needed to leave and flopped on me, making it very hard to get going. He clings and hugs, and tries to wedge his head right under my chin. Sigh.

Writing Stuff:

My review of issue XI of Oceans of the Mind is up at Tangent.

Heard from the editor of Scrybe Press that the artist they had contracted to do the cover art for "Ascendancy of Blood" is apparently MIA, so they're seeing about having Roel Wielinga do it instead, which I'm pretty pleased about. I've seen his (her?) stuff online and (s)he does fantastic B&W artwork.

Also received more work from Scrybe Press, which I'm pretty geek happy about. Writing book jacket synopses is fun.

Got my Critters MPC today, so I'm bumping the first three chapters of my novella up the queue for next week. An emergency RFDR. Except when I tried to bump it, it said that the manuscript wasn't in the queue. Wha? I submitted it yesterday. Glargh. I'll check again later.

And I got a note from the headman of Dragon*Con okaying my request to increase my Daily Dragon staffing numbers. Thank God.

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