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Break from Writing

My wing stubs are beginning to hurt again. Debating on whether to take a Clonazepam or just grit my teeth. The pain is unpleasant, but I'm on such an unprecedentedly good writing roll I hate to take any chances with my cognitive faculties.

3000 more words on the novella. It's well into the novelette range. It looks likely that I'll make it to novella length! Whether or not I finish the thing remains to be seen. But I'm rolling along well, so far.

Passed the second round of reading on a submission at Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. Gotta love those Aussies. Crossed fingers and lip chewing to commence.

Read and reviewed five out of eleven (or is it twelve?) stories in the current issue of Oceans of the Mind for Tangent. Realized that one of the stories in this issue is written by the head of The author is also the VP of the SFWA. So, in order to avoid a conflict of interest/bias issue, I had my editor find someone else to review that story. Whew.

Now should I have another cup of coffee and try for another thousand words before tipping over, or should I take a sedative and give my arms a break? Decisions, decisions.

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