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Everyone's on the Mend/Hectic Writing Schedule

We all seem to be getting over the flu bug. Thankfully, as stomach flus go, this one seems to have been rather mild.

Hobkin has kept down all the food he's eaten in the last twenty-four hours, and is generally exhibiting signs of being over the worst of his GI issues.

Thank goodness.

Writing stuff:

Received a BFoD from RoF, right on schedule, and a note from WotF that my story, while not a winner, was a quarter-finalist. Again. Always a bridesmaid, dammit.

My review of "Safe Haven" by Karen D. Fishler in Infinite Matrix is up at Tangent.

Another 3000 words on the novella. It's now officially novelette length, and out of the short story pit of word countage. Flowing along great with the "write what you can, skip what you need to" approach. Fingers crossed and wood knocking that this continues.

Also received the next issue of Oceans of the Mind to review. It's HUGE. My editor actually asked whether I wanted to skip this one and have him pass it to another reviewer, as I had already sent him a review this week. I actually considered passing as I don't want anything to skew my writing flow. But then I figured, "nah, I can read and review between creative bursts." Besides, I didn't have anything else major planned this weekend.

Did I mention this issue is HUGE? I think it's the longest issue they've ever published.

Also, I need to critique a bunch of stories on Critters. There are several regulars up this week who I would feel bad about if I missed.

I still haven't finished sending thank you notes out for the last story that went through the queue, and I'm beginning to get a steady stream of crits coming in for my current offering.

And I need to work on that rewrite and send it to market already if it's going to market, as well as have Matthew first reader my fantasy/VR fusion piece.

I think I bit off more than I can fit into my mouth.

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