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Sick Skunk

Hobkin appears to have some sort of tummy upset. He ate a tiny bit of broccoli at breakfast, but turned up his nose at more broccoli, a tomato slice, a chunk of sweet potato, and celery. And he didn't eat any veggies at lunch, although he did tuck away most of his cottage cheese. So far he hasn't sicked anything up, but he's not doing so well at the back end.

Matthew tried to feed him some Pepto Bismol, but he would have nothing to do with it, and spent the day napping (or sulking) under his hutch.

Went shopping after work to pick up some cucumber, bell pepper, and bread. Wanted to make sure we have plenty of veggies high in liquid to offer him, and something mild to tempt his appetite with. I'm worried about him becoming dehydrated. If he doesn't start eating better by tomorrow, he gets to go see the nice vet people. Poor little guy.

Writing stuff:

Another 1000 words on the fantasy/VR fusion thingy, and I'm at zero draft. I think due to my non-chronological writing, there's some rough transitions in the middle. Want to go over those before handing it to Matthew to first reader. Managed to meld Greek, Chinese, and Celtic mythos into a single story. I hope that's a good thing.

Heard from the editor of the ELP Library. My excerpt "Visiting Day" is due up on June 20th. Also saw that Infinite Matrix had published a new story, "Safe Harbor" by Karen D. Fishler, so I reviewed it for Tangent. Going to have to ask my editor when in April I take over the reviews as they publish weekly.
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