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Monday sucks

Yup, Monday sucks.

Spent most of the day at work trying to get a test run set up. Left my cubicle at quitting time with my eyes blurring and my head throbbing, sans a clean run. Not a good day for human versus computer. Stupid data exception errors.

Sunday was productive, though. We headed out to Micro Center with our gift certificate in hand. The idea was to buy a new computer chair, as we desperately need one. But the selection was exceptionally pathetic. Fortunately, they had Epson Perfection 1260 Photo Flatbed scanners on clearance. So now we have a new Epson scanner, one that doesn't require you to shake it to work. I installed it (Matthew helped . . . a lot) and did a couple sample scans that came out lovely. Now I have the urge to scan random stuff.

Also ordered the Ms. Fantasm 2004 sashes. This year the sash color will be red. The winning sash will be red with gold lettering and gold edging, the runner up sashes will be red with silver lettering. The Ms. Congeniality sash, will be purple with gold lettering. Still waiting to hear back on a query to see how the stockpile of tiaras is holding out, but the sashes should arrive in a timely fashion.

Writing stuff:

Received a new assignment from my editor at Tangent. As of April, I'll be reviewing the stories. Pretty excited about that. I know those reviews get read pretty frequently by subscribers, as well as by the editor, Ellen Datlow.

And did eleven critiques over the weekend, earning my MPC. britzkrieg was right, there were a lot of short stories in the queue this week.

At 19 critiques on my current offering so far. Starting to form concrete thoughts on the rewrite.

Kristin's coming over in a bit to watch more Firefly episodes.

Tomorrow will not be Monday. Hurray!

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