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Dragon*Con staff meeting and other stuff

Decided to re-color my hair yesterday before the Dragon*Con staff meeting, as the last tinting had faded. There was a sale on the brand of hair coloring I like, but they didn't have black, so I decided to try something different: dark brown. That's close enough, I figured. Well, hmm. Apparently the brown was actually more of a medium brown, and it had a reddish undertone to it. As my hair is, well, black, usually such coloring treatments don't have much effect (when in my younger days, I tried dying a couple locks of my hair platinum blonde--I got a sort of brownish orange after much peroxide and bleaching, and I also tried blue, which resulted in . . . black, with a bluish sheen). But this time I seem to have ended up with a sort of brownish copper at my roots. The ends are still quite black, but the roots took the color. I've never had copperish hair before. It's . . . different.

Decided to run with it and shifted to a brown color scheme in makeup and clothes for the D*C meeting. No one commented upon it, so either they were too polite to decry my hair coloring fiasco, or it just wasn't that noticeable. Matthew assures me it's the latter. Debating now whether to just let it grow out, or buy some proper black and fix the color discrepancy.

Had an excellent Dragon*Con staff meeting yesterday. And, yes, seeing all those friendly faces did indeed cheer me up. *waves to dire_epiphany, astralfire, tk0667, and ghostgrrl*

Fingerman shamelessly plugged Fantasm to the extent that it looks like several D*C buddies are now going to work and/or attend.

And, despite the tremors of "eek" I had when I had to shout my staffing needs to the crowd, I think I filled all my staff vacancies. I think. I still need to get my staff numbers sorted out, but when I declared a need for folks who can do HTML and layout work, I got a slew of people stampeding up. Neat. Fingers crossed that I've got a good balance of reporters and technical folks this year. Last year I was too heavy on reporters, but I had my technical needs covered with a few key people. But I'm losing two of those (one to photography and the other to his own track) so now I'm scrambling to up my "tech" know-how so I don't have to try and do it all myself. I'm not coherent at 3AM; I'm just not!

Hobkin was very upset with us for abandoning him for so long, but we plied him with bell peppers and parsnips, and he eventually forgave us. He slept with me all night, and he's still curled up under the covers, the fuzzy bum.

Watched Loony Toons Back in Action and Chicken Run. Guess it's an animation entertainment sort of week. I also feel the urge to watch Finding Nemo which we might do today, after we bop out to Micro Center.

Writing stats:

14 critiques so far on my current offering. This one isn't going over so well. Will need to do some major overhauling in my rewrite, I fear.

Also received a "no thanks" from Neo-opsis, the new Canadian mag, on a submission. Suck.

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