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Did another 1100 words on the Japanese Horror story, bringing it to zero draft. Also started and completed another folk tale--around 1600 words on that. That's three stories in less than a week. Apparently I really was stewing too much on the whole novel thing. As soon as I decided to rattle off some shorts, my writing gear went into overdrive.

Writing in fits and starts, that's me. I wish there were a way for me to maintain my highest level of productivity consistently.

Matthew first-readered the Japanese Horror piece. Shaved off 500 words in the rewrite. Up to Critters it goes. Except Matthew said it read more like a fairy tale, which isn't that surprising as it's a very traditionally-styled piece, but I'm not sure if I should label it "H" or "F" for the queue. It seems I run into that conundrum rather frequently. Humph.

Also, my Tangent review of the March 2003 issue of Oceans of the Mind is now open to the public. And I got a nice email from Chris Nakashima-Brown for my review of his story "Script-Doctoring the Apocalypse" in Infinite Matrix. Guess that means at least one person read it.

Rejections over the weekend:
"Nice writing but . . . " from JJA at F&SF.
"Good stuff here but . . . " from Strange Horizons.
"We won't be publishing this but look forward to seeing more" from Glimmer Train.


In better news, I've just passed the 100-day mark on a fairy tale I sent to Cricket. In my experience, everything they've kept for consideration for over a hundred days, they've either bought, or requested a rewrite of and then bought. So my hopes are climbing.

Also, it'll be exactly one year in a few days since I sent a sub to The Strand. Might be time to query them again.

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