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Snow and writing

Okay, I'm not a fan of snow and ice. The Midwest winters are one of the things I'm grateful not to have to experience anymore. But this morning driving to work was lovely. The air was warm and soft, yet there was a layer of beautiful white and crystalline ice over all the trees. It had that pristine, untouched look that only freshly fallen snow has.

I left Hobkin curled up under the covers when my alarm went off. Usually he wakes up when I'm in the shower and realizes that I've abandoned him then trots off in a huff under his hutch. But by the time I was putting on my coat and getting ready to leave, he was still soundly asleep. I left him and Matthew all tucked in under the covers. Awww.

Writing stats:

Back in the groove, more or less. Another 200 words on the fairy tale, and I'm at zero draft with it. Going to have Matthew first reader it, then decide whether or not I want to send it up to Critters, or wait until I've got another fairly short tale and bundle it together for review. It's a bit on the short side.

Also started a Japanese horror story: 1000 words. When I first started, it was a fairly simple tale. But as I'm getting into it, it's beginning to take on some deeper dimension. Hoping to keep it under 6K. We'll see. Going to try to write a big chunk of it this weekend.

Also received the edits for “Razi and the Sunbird” from Cricket. Rah!

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