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Blink blink.

6:30am again, and Hobkin has demanded I wake up and feed him breakfast. On a Sunday. Brain failing. Critical thought processes . . . terminating. Need. Sleep.


"Comedy of Errors" last night was amazing, just amazing. I laughed so hard I think I sprained something. If any of you Atlantas are at all interested in Shakespeare or live theater, go to the Shakespeare Tavern. They do Shakespeare the way it's supposed to be done. And the food's fabu, too! Matthew and I are longtime Shakespeare connoisseurs, and we can honestly say that they do it better there than anywhere else we've seen. The audience gave the performance last night a standing O, and it really deserved it.

And, happy happy, my contract from Leading Edge arrived in yesterday's mail. "Second Daughter" will be appearing in the Oct. 2002 issue. Hurray!
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