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New computer!

Shiny shiny shiny!

We bought a new computer from an outfit in Duluth called Micro Center. They're a big computer/electronics store, rivaling Best Buy's and Circuit City's niche. Bought the Sony VAIO we've been looking at for several hundred dollars cheaper than we've seen it.

Spent last night getting it set up. Still need to transfer the slave 80GB drive from the old system to the new system, and get all the software loaded, but it's shiny and fast, and has a DVD burner.

We're thinking about networking the old and new computers together so we can both access high-speed broadband goodness at the same time. But that will require some furniture shifting . . . or purchasing. And maybe buying a flat-panel LCD monitor for space-saving.

But very pleased.

And also I fixed the old scanner. How? I shook it a couple times. Sometimes low-tech solutions are the way to go. . .

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