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Sixth Sense, Good News, Health News, Likely Bad News

Had britzkrieg and her fiancé over last night to watch Sixth Sense which neither of them had seen before, and they'd also somehow managed not to have the ending spoiled for them. I really enjoy that movie, although I think this was the only time I've seen it that I wasn't unnerved by it. Then again, it took me three viewings of it to watch the whole thing through without hiding my eyes through parts of it. I'm such a wuss.

We also did our taxes yesterday. Quite pleased with the results. Going to use the refund to buy a new computer! Shiny.

Had a follow-up with my Rheumatologist. He's referring me to a pulmonary specialist as he still can't figure out why I'm having such problems breathing. Also he put me on a prescription NSAID (diclofenac) and is switching me off Methotrexate and onto Imuran. So, more pills. And I've got to have a slew of blood tests done to make sure I can tolerate the Imuran. Pin cushion me. Sigh.

I was in so much pain on Thursday it made me furious. So I decided to try to meditate some of it away. I've been out of practice with my yoga, but I still remember the techniques, dammit. And hey, it worked! After half an hour of meditation and relaxation focus, I could breathe easier, and I hurt so much less. And I was in a better mood. I think I'm going to try to get back into the meditation groove. If nothing else, it's self-hypnosis with a goal of relaxation pain management/stress diffusion.

And finally, heard from a couple fellow past Phobos winners that the results of the 2003 contest are beginning to go out. They know this because they got an email from the CEO that they're winners.

I haven't gotten any such email.

I suspect that means "Tried as an Adult" can be clumped into the non-winner category. Waiting for the final word, but in my (albeit limited) experience, the good news goes out in one batch, and the other news goes out later, in a more leisurely fashion.


I'm prepping myself for a great deal of disappointment over this. Whereas it's possible I might be a winner still and the email was delayed, I think it's more likely that I should gear up for a good mope fest. In preparation for this probable eventuality, Matthew bought home cake. He's a sweetie.

But still . . . wah!

Going to try not to think about it today and instead focus on shopping for a new, shiny computer.

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