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Cricket edits

The edits for my folktales "When Shakko Did Not Lie" and "The Snow Woman's Daughter" (renamed from "Winter's Daughter"--no problem with that, at a quarter a word, if they wanted to rename it "Bob" I'd be fine with it!) arrived in the mail today from Cricket. Additionally, the editor, in her letter, told me to look for the edits of "Razi and the Sunbird" soon.

Y'know, having a top rate editor can really make a huge difference in one's writing. Debby Vetter has a knack for really making my prose sing. I noticed when she edited "Manny" for Cicada, I actually learned how to write tighter and clearer from going over her changes. Now that's damn fine editing, that is. I agree with all of her modifications, a situation I have not always been fortunate enough to be in with other editors. On whole, I'm of the philosophy that it's the editor's prerogative to tweak my story to fit their house style and vision so I've never made a stink about fixes and changes. But with Cricket/Cicada I wholeheartedly approve of their revisions.

Also, she wants to include an author's note at the end of "Shakko" from one of my correspondences with her that explains a little of the kitsune mythology. That swells my total word count by another 159 words . . . adding another forty dollars to my paycheck. Wow. The author's note bonus alone is more money than I've received for some of my sales.

I don't think I can gush more about the Carus publishing group without drooling, so I'll stop now. But I'm utterly delighted to be appearing in their magazines again. They're a real class act.

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