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Auspicious week . . . NOT!

dude_the's flight was cancelled last night. He phoned to let us know and came back via MARTA after rescheduling his flight to this afternoon. Then he got bumped from that flight. He's sticking around the airport to try to get on the late night flight. If he can't, he'll call us and come back here to crash for the night. Sheesh. Bugger AirTran, I sez. The bastards.

terracinque called on my cell as we were heading out the door on the way to Hartsfield-Jackson. I think I probably sounded pretty abrupt or harried. I'm not used to getting calls on my cell, and we were rushing around trying to get dude_the squared away. As it turns out, of course, we needn't have hurried. Must remember to get terracinque our landline number. I only use my cell for emergencies and conventions.

Building up a huge tolerance to caffeine again. Dammit. That seems to be par with the Clonazepam. Can't function without my java while I'm taking my meds, can't function without the meds to take the edge off the pain. Not good.

Also got an email bounced I tried to send to britzkrieg. I tried to resend, B! Hope it made it to you re: Future Sixth Sense viewing.

And something happened to our garage door opener yesterday. As we were pulling in after dropping off dude_the (an altogether poorly fated endeavor), the door, while opening, suddenly slammed down on the hood of my car. I thought it was hard enough to dent it, but it seems that modern garage doors are pretty light. Doesn't appear to have even scratched the paint, fortunately. But now the opener thing won't work. When the button is pressed the motor makes motor noises, but the door doesn't budge. Have no idea what the deal is. We weren't far enough into the garage to have hit any of the sensors, and when Matthew got on the ladder to peer at it, he couldn't see anything egregiously or obviously wrong. Probably going to have to call a garage door opener mechanic sort. Sigh.

As far as auspicious beginnings to weeks go, this wasn't.

Writing stats:

1000-words on the novel inspired by The Lion in Winter. (To be abbreviated "Novel2" from here on in.) Have the mythology written up (1100 words of it), which is a first for me. There's been a lot more world building on this project than I'm accustomed to doing. I'm not big with the world creation (unlike britzkrieg who actually has a world map created!), so this is a big deal for me. Normally the 'verse takes shape as I write, and if I run into inconsistencies along the way, I go back and smooth them out in my rewrites. I'm pondering now if I should make the mythology write-up a sort of prologue. Except the 1000-words I wrote today is closer to being a prologue. But I'd like the mythos divulged in there somewhere. Hmm. Maybe as italicized quotes at the beginning of chapters? Urg, there's gotta be a better way . . .*ponder ponder ponder* Actually no, worry about that later. Write story now.

75-day BFoD from RoF. Out that story goes again. I will get past Carina . . . one day.

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