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Early AM insomnia. Arms hurt. Four rejections this week:

- F&SF: "nice writing but . . . " from JJA. I miss the "alas"es from GVG.
- Arabella: "elements that appealed but . . . "
- NFG: "grabbed the attention of the editors but . . ." they're also willing to see a rewrite, which is something.
- Fantastic: "closed to subs until 2005"


In other writing news, the editor of Scrybe Press said he's going to try to get Carrie Hall to do the cover art for "Ascendancy of Blood" and wants to publish it as a chapbook. I'm excited to see how that'll turn out.

But, no new words. No rewrites. I hurt too much. I shouldn't even be typing this journal entry. Stupid extra rib.

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