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My muse is a masochist

Okay, my TOS has returned something fierce. I actually took off all of yesterday and Tuesday afternoon from work because of the pains zinging up my arms. Been downing Clonazepam like candy. The upshot is I've been sleeping pretty heavily. But the downward side of things is my brain feels pretty muggy. And I still hurt.

Of all the ironies, my muse came a-calling too. 1000 more words on the little fantasy I started and it's done. Zero draft completed. It's a short piece, a sort of mystic/spiritual examination of war as a theme. It was inspired by one of the songs on the CD britzkrieg gave me for my birthday: "The Queen and the Soldier" by Suzanne Vega. The lyrics stuck me with me, haunting me with images until I sat down and hammered out a story to frame them. So, hurray, my first completed story of 2004. Having Matthew first reader it, and then up to Critters it goes. But also, ouch.

Wish I could learn how to type with my toes.

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