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D*C 2004 directors staff meeting

My early AM insomnia seems to have reared its head. Woke up at 5ish and then couldn't get back to sleep. Dammit.

The first Dragon*Con directors meeting was yesterday. They fed us again. Yum. We traded small animal adventures with dire_epiphany, astralfire, and tk0667 whereupon we learned that tk0667's nemesis is gerbil-kind. Laughed so hard my side still aches, and I had tears coming from my eyes.

Also swiped a whole bell pepper from the buffet table to bring home for Hobkin. A peace offering for abandoning the fuzzbump for so long.

A few announced guests for this year at the meeting:

Harlan Ellison (!)
Peter Jurasik
Peter David
Storm Constantine (she's actually going to direct a new track this year!)
Emerald Rose
Cruxshadows (yes!)

I'm jazzed.

It was also officially announced that Matthew will no longer be co-director of the Daily Dragon with me as he is now going to be the director of a new film track as well as taking over webmaster duties for the main site. Sigh. I knew I'd lose him from the DD, but I didn't think it'd be so soon! But he's bouncy about the film track, so that's cool. Less bouncy about the webmaster position . . .

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