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Hobkin and Writing

Last night, Hobkin decided it was "pull and bite Mommy's clothing" day. Scorecard: new holes in sweatpants, a strand of yarn pulled out of the sleeve of my brand new sweater, several pinches to my flesh that are showing blue and purple when he went deeper than cloth.

Also, he just wouldn't settle and ran amok for most of the evening while I was trying to work on the computer. But apparently what he wanted was a couch mommy to snuggle against. A computer mommy wasn't good enough, oh no. I tried to pick him up and settle him on my lap several times, but he would scramble away as soon as I stopped using two hands to pet and cuddle him (i.e. to type or mouse). But as soon as I left the computer and went to go sit on the couch, he hopped up beside me and flopped asleep. Silly fuzzwit was cranky because he needed a nap.

Then, when I was getting ready to sleep, he couldn't make up his mind where he wanted to be. He'd hop up (waking me up) and cuddle beside me for an hour or so, then hop down (thereby waking me up again) to roam around. This happened many times throughout the night until he finally decided he wanted to sleep under his hutch. Needless to say, I was rather sleep deprived and fuddle-headed this morning.

Writing stats:

200 words on the new fantasy piece. Sheesh. 200. That's barely enough to count. Suckitude.

Pleased at the Preditors and Editors Readers' Poll award thingy. I don't expect to win, but it'd be nice if I made it to the top ten in one of the categories.

{* shameless vote-whoring: Vote for Reign of the Wintergod for Horror Story and All in My Mind for SF/F Story}

Beginning to twitch for another sale. I think it's a new year sort of thing. I seem to recall feeling similarly at the turn of last year. It doesn't help that I've got several "strong maybe"s dangling:

- Got a finalist story in this year's Phobos contest. When, oh when, will the judging be finalized?
- Still waiting to hear from On Spec. Coming up on 300 days soon. Should I query again? Eep.
- Waiting to hear the senior editor's verdict from Scrybe Press.
- Passed the 2nd reader level at Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. Will it get picked up for an issue? I think they said one in three submissions who make it to this stage do.

And then, of course, there's the slew of other submissions that aren't in the "strong maybe" category that are out and about. *twitch* I'm just not very good at waiting.

All the writer folk I've talked to say the only way to combat the black-abyss-of-nothing mailbox blues is to write the next story/novel. Unfortunately, see above, re: sucking.

Only thing left to do is to attempt to beguile my absentee muse by slamming a lot of caffeine . . .
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