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Sunday AM . . . ALREADY??

Is it already Sunday? Where did my long weekend go? I have to go back to work tomorrow. Wah!

Going to try to jam as much "fun" into today as we can. Didn't watch Zorro yesterday after all, so we'll do it today. Instead we watched the rest of the Firefly commentary episodes and went shopping. Picked up a new bathroom scale. I know, not very exciting, but I needed it to help out with my "lose weight" New Year's resolution. We had one of those fancy digital ones with the "lifetime lithium battery." The battery died, and the company wanted us to mail the thing back to them in order to fix it. Since it would cost a good portion of the cost of a new scale to USPS it, we decided "no." And we got an analog scale this time with no batteries, and obviously from a different company. Bastards.

Writing stats:

Currently at sixty-one critiques of my Critters offering. Wow. And I'm still up for three more days. (I got yours, britzkrieg, thanks as always for the excellent feedback!)

One of the writers in my DC2K writers group won the 2003 Wahmpreneur Books/ Annual Fiction Manuscript Contest! Her book is being published! I'm so excited for her!

Definitely gets the fire lit under me to get cracking on that novel . . . again.

Also got a note from the first reader of Scrybe Press on a submission I sent them last month:

"This story was absolutely incredible! The first words from my mouth as I finished it (after reading subs ALL day long) were 'Now THAT was a good story'

I've passed it on to the senior editor... should have a conclusive decision for you in a day or two."

And the twitching and nail biting commenceth.

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