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Did some pruning and another 1000-words on the Urban Fantasy piece, and it's complete! Woohoo! Zero draft! Going to have Matthew first reader it, and then up to Critters it goes. Got a story due up this week, and I suspect Andrew is having another double or triple weeker for the holidays. Also, the Creative Loafing contest should be notifying entrants of the outcome soon. As the odds are that will be a resounding rejection, I'll need to try to coordinate that story into the queue as well. Think I'll be using an MPC somewhere in there.

But it's done! Very pleased to have cranked out another story before the year's end. It clocked in at 7300 words, word processor count. Which, unfortunately puts it at 8400ish, manuscript count. Going to try to do some judicious cutting in my editing and rewrites, but it's still going to be a hard sell due to length. Sigh.

In a flurry of glow-of-accomplishment, I'm tempted to crack open the novel again, see if I can't make some headway on it. We'll see.

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