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Muse sighting

My muse returned! She whispered a fantastic story into my ear from start to finish: setting, main characters, plot, theme, climax, and resolution. I scribbled a detailed outline of it down before she could flit away and I'm 2000 words into it. It's an Urban Fantasy, a dark and gritty one.

This one's going to be a hard story to write, despite (or maybe because of) the outline. It's always a little harder for me to write from an outline 'cause I know what's going to happen next. But more, I feel like I'm stretching my technical skills to get this one down. I'm not sure why, but I'm plodding along in "engaged" mode rather than "flow." The words are coming, and coming well, but I'm so fixated on the mechanical aspects--plot, character development, and pacing--that I can't lose myself in the story. Humph. Well, whatever gets the words on the page, I guess.

My creative process continues to mystify me.

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