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Lovely Thanksgiving

Had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday. After making (and sampling) bourbon balls and gingerbread to bring (and then having a leetle nap after too many bourbon balls on an empty stomach), Matthew and I went to britzkrieg's to have a holiday feast with her and her fiancé, Jaime. FOOD. Much food. Still full thinking about it. There was salad made with lettuce fresh from britzkrieg's garden, and vegan UnTurkey with stuffing and veggies and spinach dip and warm dinner rolls and hot apple cider and apple pie (and of course gingerbread and more bourbon balls). Jaime is an excellent cook. Mmmm. Food! Stuffed to the seams, we then proceeded to watch the extended version of Two Towers on DVD--much better than any football game--while their pride of house felines made friendly, and one of them tried to eat our hair. Hee.

Wonderful, wonderful time was had by all. I don't think I'll need to eat again for another couple days. Oof.

Debating whether to brave the crowds on the official first day of Christmas shopping to do . . . Christmas shopping. Or maybe we'll go out to see Love Actually.

Writing stats:

The last straggling crits of my SF piece on Critters have come in, bringing the total to a round thirty. Gleep. Pondering the rewrite, but very little progress made on much of anything. Ah well. It's a holiday. Maybe I'll send some more thank you notes out. That's sort of like being productive . . .
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