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Friday AM

Skunk snoozing on my lap, home on my day off, and the world is good.

Swung by the post office to mail my acknowledgment of "Razi"'s acceptance to Cricket's editor and also sent them another fairytale. Iron. Hot. Bap.

Only three crits of my current offering on Critters so far. Two positive, one not so much. I was expecting a more lukewarm response to this one. Dangit, I'm just dissatisfied with it is what I am. Well, hopefully the feedback I get will help me fix it more to my liking.

Matthew and I plan to do a little early Christmas shopping and see The Matrix 3 this weekend.

I'm feeling much better today. Although Matthew warned me yesterday not to overdo it as I ran shrieking through the house upon reading the letter from Cricket. Heh.

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