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Middle of the week ups and downs

So yesterday I was struck down by a throbbing headache, queasy stomach, and chills alternating with hot flashes. Home I came to lie like a lump on the couch and whimper pitifully.

This morning, I feel better, but opted to stay home. I think I have the flu (dammit, I meant to get a flu shot, but forgot). Hoping it won't turn into a flare-up as I'm taking so many meds to control a flare, I don't know what they'd give me to stop this one. Stupid physiology.

However, now that I'm less delirious, I can properly examine the mail offerings from yesterday's post.

Item 1: Form rejection from Talebones. Dammit.
Item 2: Sterling silver Phobos Award! Couldn't make the awards banquet, so they toasted me in absentia and mailed my award to me. I've currently got it hanging up with Hobkin's ribbons. My first writing award! Isn't it purty?

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