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Hobkin Update: DIY Home Oxygen Box

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Hobkin is at the vet's. fosteronfilm and I are home for showers and to get a couple hours of sleep.

Had a worrisome few hours this morning. At around 4AM, the lil guy started making soft whining noises although he ate a snack readily enough. At 6AM, he took his whipped cream-blended meds with only minor wheedling but then couldn't be persuaded to eat. We've been feeding him small meals approximately every two hours to ensure he's getting proper hydration. It's also a good gauge of how he's doing—checking his appetite and all.

It was time to take him to the vet's anyway, so off we went. Soon as we got him into the oxygen box, he perked right up and devoured a fair-sized meal.

Hobkin in the oxygen box at the vet's waiting for breakfast.

After consulting with the vet, we concluded that our current makeshift oxygen tent at home probably wasn't doing the trick and got some DIY tips to make an oxygen box at home. A trip to Walmart for a clear, plastic, 64-quart tub, some drilling to accommodate the oxygen tubing, etc., and we've now got a home skunk oxygen box:

Heading back to the vet's to pick him up in a couple hours. Hoping this will work a-ok over the weekend.
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On January 16th, 2011 03:53 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
oxygen box
We have a sick kitten. Any chance of the DIY oxygen box instructions?

I currently have a little oxygen pad in his bed but it is tearing through oxygen.

Any help appreciated.

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